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Social Media Breakfast: Chris Dancy


Air New Zealand hosted a Social Media Breakfast featuring Chris Dancy, the Most Connected Human on Earth, on 6th July 2014. Chris Dancy presented “Existence as a Platform,” sharing his cutting-edge insights into the future of technology and our relationship to the machines we allow to influence us.

“As humans, I think we prefer consistently average experiences over inconsistently good ones. Dealing with humans is inconsistently wonderful. Dealing with machines is consistently average. We’ll take consistently average over inconsistently happy any day,” said Dancy.

Reaching beyond the novelty of data collection and wearable technology, Dancy described the connection between available information about our lives and the influence this data can have on our health and happiness.

“Existence as a platform is very simple,” said Dancy. “It’s taking the quantified self, all of the sensors, anything you can measure, the internet of things and creating a platform. I like to refer to it as the ‘inner-net.’”

Chris Dancy has been engaging information systems for over 25 years, wearing as many hats as there are heads in the IT industry. He currently works as an ambassador to the future, serving the role of Data Exhaust Cartographer--he utilizes 300-700 sensors, devices, applications, and services to track, analyze, and optimize as many areas of his existence as he can think of. This quantification enables him to see the connections of otherwise invisible data, resulting in dramatic upgrades to his health, productivity, and quality of life.

Chris's name and avatar are synonymous with the future of work, edutainment, technically-enabled external evolution, and his quantified life existence. He travels extensively and speaks on these topics and more, and has been featured in TechCrunch, Wired Magazine, Bloomberg TV, NPR Radio, Mashable, The Guardian, BBC and Fox News. Chris has been called “Most connected human on Earth.”

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