Antarctica New Zealand

Antarctica's icy expanse has always held a particular fascination for environmental scientists and explorers.

From the Antarctic expeditions of Sir Edmund Hillary to the permanent research facility at Scott Base, New Zealand has maintained close ties with this enigmatic continent.

As a global airline, Air New Zealand helps people experience the world. So it's important for us to find ways to help minimise our impact. Balancing our business needs with our environmental responsibilities is an ongoing mission. Partnerships with trailblazers in environmental science and innovation help us make a difference.


Antarctica: No ordinary place, no ordinary assignment.

In late 2013, Air New Zealand launched a global search to find an environmental enthusiast keen to share the wonders of the Antarctic frozen continent with the world.

Australian student filmmaker Marli Lopez-Hope and Kiwi 'outdoorsman' Michael Armstrong were selected from almost 2,000 applicants across 52 countries to travel to Antarctica on assignment with Air New Zealand.

This video captures Marli and Michael's deployment to Antarctica in January 2014, where they spent two weeks assisting National Geographic photographer Jason Edwards capture life on the ice and to help draw worldwide attention to scientific research and the environment in Antarctica.

For the full story and images from their journey visit No ordinary place, No ordinary assignment

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